SOFIA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION was founded as non-profit organization with the decision 348
of the Sofia Municipal Council to work for the sustainable development of the capital.


SofiaLab and SlavConf. continue working together – now online

Despite the unusual situation that the society is currently facing, SofiaLab and SlavConf. continue working diligently and as team as they have been doing until now.

SofiaLab is a cozy, yet dynamic space where anyone can develop or shake skills; a place to meet interesting people, seeking or giving creative solutions putting them into practice. By managing the laboratory, Sofia Development Association contributes to the improvement of digital and entrepreneurial skills of young people, as well as of all Sofia citizens who are not afraid of lifelong learning.

SlavConf. is a series of events and initiatives that bring together people with an interest in culture, the arts, business and architecture. At the beginning of 2019 Sofia Development Association (SofiaLab) and SlavConf. established their partnership in order to support each other while achieving their common goal - to create a society and a supportive environment for young and capable people seeking opportunities for exchange of experience, career and creative development.

So far the two organizations have led together over 15 events in SofiaLab, attended by more than 200 participants. The events are aimed at all representatives of the creative industry, as well as high and university students, postgraduate students, professors, organizations, managers from different sectors and representatives of the educational sector. Included as sub-themes are the links between the arts, culture, the humanities, architecture, business, innovation and technology. If you would like to get a clearer idea of the creative industry, you may have a look at the Toolkit (, representing the scope of activities in this field, developed by SlavConf.
The main directions of the meetings are "Career with Philology", various workshops and interactive meetings for content creation (Content Creators Meetups ( One of SlavConf's new initiatives is making podcasts with professionals from the creative industry, which you can listen to here. (

On March 27, the first online event, part of Content Creators Meetups with lecturer Dr. Desislava Boshnakova, was held. The topic of the meeting was "The content of the content" and aroused great interest among the participants. The next event of the series is going to be held on April 10th with lecturer Angel Iskrev. Follow our page ( in order to stay tuned for future activities!

Sofia Development Association and SlavConf. invite you to make the most of your free time by attending our future joint events!


Sofia Development Association and its partnership with StartUpStage

Sofia Development Association works for stimulating the entrepreneurship in Sofia, and our partnership with StartUp Stage is one of the approaches to support the development of this field.

StartUp Stage is an online platform providing resources and mentoring to young startup startup companies developing innovative products and services. In addition, the organization holds events where entrepreneurs can present their business idea (Pitching Session). The events take place live, at SofiaLab, and online, allowing people from different cities to collaborate without requiring a travel resource.

The purpose of the presentations is to overcome the fear of public speaking; getting feedback from an audience that can help the entrepreneur ask questions critical to his business; contact with entrepreneurs, specialists and investors. Also, the ability to present your idea for a short period of time so that it is understood means that the entrepreneur has answered key questions such as - a consumer problem; proposed solution; product and plan for its development; business model; competition; competitive advantages, etc.

Sofia Development Association supports StartUp Stage's activities not only by providing the SofiaLab space for hosting the mentioned meetings, but also by sharing useful information regarding trainings, funding opportunities, ideas, contacts and any type of assistance for start-ups with the organizers and the participants in the events.

From December 2019 to present moment, during events organized in partnership with StartUp Stage over 15 ideas for startup companies have been presented to more than 200 people at SofiaLab. Sofia Development Association and StartUp Stage will continue their joint activities as well as the monthly meetings once the COVID-19 situation is overcomed.




April 1st, 2020

Sofia – as the rest of Bulgaria - is in a state of emergency, which has imposed severe restrictions on movement, introduction of distance work wherever possible, social distancing and disinfection measures. In addition to the national government measure, Sofia also plays a central role in preparing for, mitigating and adapting to the pandemics.

Sofia – as the rest of Bulgaria - is in a state of emergency, which has imposed severe restrictions on movement, introduction of distance work wherever possible, social distancing and disinfection measures. In addition to the national government measure, Sofia also plays a central role in preparing for, mitigating and adapting to the pandemics.

Good preparation and the early response are the key to flattening the pandemic curve. Sofia was able to rapidly take decisive action and prepare its healthcare system. One of the municipal hospitals – the 5th City Hospital, and one department in 2nd city hospital, were determined to specialize in treating COVID-19 patients well before the national hospitals capacity is exceeded, this way preventing potential chaos and the health system from becoming rapidly overwhelmed.

Establishing routine and reliable communication is critical in times of crisis. Sofia established two 24/7 online main communication channels dedicated solely to COVID-19 outbreak and providing news, information, advise, latest ordinances: a sub-website to the municipal site ( and Sofia Municipality Viber Community ( Both platforms are created as public-private partnerships. Regular information in English is provided to international communities residing in the city.

Sofia reviewed and duly updated its own services to both keep them functioning and to increase the personal and community protection. New e-services were introduced, including construction permits and full planning permission. Sofia also launched temporary relief measures for retail and corporate customers like free parking, eased-up occupancy practice and municipal rents.

The Mayor of Sofia Ms. Fandakova has called on the capital’s citizens to volunteer time and energy to help citizens at risk – the elderly, people with long-term health condition, socially isolated. Over 100 residents joined as volunteers, serving over 3,000 citizens who need assistance with food deliveries, other shopping, providing medication or a friendly social call. Over 60 local businesses support the volunteer drive donating food and needed products. You can volunteer here: 0700 17 310. Citizens who need assistance can request it at: 02/ 81 88 522, while psychological support is provided by professionals at 02/ 42 111 42.

Finally, now is the right time for planning mitigation measures. Sofia set up a temporary economic council to elaborate measures to support businesses in Sofia. Extension and exemption of certain local taxes and bank guarantees for SMEs for up to 50% of the loan provided by the Municipal Guarantee Fund are among the ideas proposed by the council. An analytical report entitled “Assessment of COVID-19 effect on Sofia economy” outlining the three most plausible scenarios was published. (

We will manage together!

Sofia Development Association took part in Kick-off online meeting on #CONNECTION project

Although everybody’s attention is focused on the COVID-19 situation, cities still have the responsibility to think about the smooth transition to our normal everyday life and the better integration of Third-country nationals.

On 31st of March SDA took part in the first partners meeting on CONNECTION project. During the webinar were discussed the main project activities, which will help the cities to exchange knowledge and to improve the lives of migrants. They include 14 workshops, 14 staff exchanges, 7 draft action plans and 5 implementation grants. All the partners received tips on how to communicate about integration and SDA’s articles were used as an example for well-presented content about migration issues.

In CONNECTION, 14 core cities and 8 fellow cities work in clusters on each theme (Strategic approaches to integration, Participation and interaction, Gender in integration policy, Pathways to migrant employment and One-stop-shops for integration needs) with other stakeholders. Through workshops, sight visits, on-the-ground training, action planning and implementation, they develop best practices in integration and overcome shared challenges. The coordinator of the project is EUROCITIES and the expert organization that facilitate the exchange progress between the cities is MigrationWork.

Sofia is one of the 22 partner cities along with Antwerp, Athens, Dortmund, Gothenburg, Madrid, Paris, Rotterdam, Tampere, Turin, Utrecht, Warsaw, Zagreb, Thessaloniki Region, which will promote transnational learning on and implementation of integration policies. SDA will mainly work on overcoming barriers to employment of migrants in cooperation with Sofia Municipality, business and NGO community.

The multi-national project CONNEcting Cities Towards Integration actiON was funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.





INTEGRA project was successfully completed at the end of 2019, but its great work continues to give results even today. A meeting of the lead partner of INTEGRA project - Sofia Development Association with the local authorities led in January 2020 was one of the continuations of the project for better integration of TCNs in Bulgaria. This month news about the meeting were published on the first page in the newsletter of Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants (BCRM) and UNHCR Bulgaria for January-March 2020.

During the meeting certain were discussed certain actions that must be taken in order to develop a Municipal center for information and integration of third-country nationals, including refugees in Sofia Municipality. The focus of the discussion was on the vision of the center, the type of services it will provide, as well as the coordination between the different organizations. An important feature of the Center is that, in addition to third-country nationals, the center will be open to Bulgarian citizens, institutions and organizations with an interest in the topic of migration and asylum.

The discussion is also a key-element and a stepping-stone for the implementation of the future projects #CONNECTION (CONNEcting Cities Towards Integration action) and UMN (UnionMigrantNet and Cities Together for Integration) in which Sofia Development Association is a partner. Both projects are financed the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

You may find the newsletter in Bulgarian here:Бюлетин_01-1.pdf

Sofia Development Association supports the development of the foreign community in Sofia through its partnership with Open Sofia Foundation

Sofia already has a website in help of all its foreigner citizens. There you will find the most recent news about current events, job openings, helpful tips and interesting, entertaining stories of foreigners, living in the capital.

The Open Sofia Foundation is the organization whose initiative and work led to the creation of this information site, and Sofia Development Association has been supporting their activities ever since the idea of building such a platform emerged. SDA provides relevant and important information to its partners and helps them disseminate their channel more widely.

The site can be viewed here:

If you would like to be part of the Open Sofia Foundation team or give feedback about their activities, you may send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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