SOFIA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION was founded as non-profit organization with the decision 348
of the Sofia Municipal Council to work for the sustainable development of the capital.


The Citizen Review Panel of the RRI-LEADERS project in Sofia took place on 15 May 2023. The project partners SDA and ARC Fund gathered together over 25 citizens from all walks of life to deliberate on key policy priorities and actions of Sofia Municipality. The citizen review panels are a valuable channel of public engagement, in which citizens and stakeholders act as both producers and end-users of innovation in urban development. Whether young or old, experienced or first-timers, everyone engaged actively in the full-day discussions of four policy areas proposed for implementation in Sofia: support for innovation, sustainable urban development, youth employment and entrepreneurship, digital transition and new skills. The event completed the series of co-creation events with local stakeholders within the project and delivered important input to policymakers on how citizens see the future of the city and its transformation into a modern place of living and working. It is the politicians’ turn now to make this transformation a reality, with and for the citizens.







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