SOFIA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION was founded as non-profit organization with the decision 348
of the Sofia Municipal Council to work for the sustainable development of the capital.

INNOAIR: Innovative demand responsive green public transportation for cleaner air in urban environment

Guidebook on air pollution interdependencies for various stakeholders

The INNOAIR team is pleased to announce that the Guidebook on air pollution interdependencies for various stakeholders is now published. You can download the guidebook here.

The guidebook, prepared by the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) and Sofia Development Association, is a free tool for policy, research, education, industry and environmental bodies to understand the processes leading to undesired high levels of pollution in urban areas. The document tries, in an understandable way, to summarize what factors influence the levels of various pollutants in the atmosphere and how their adverse influence can be eliminated or limited in order to improve air quality in cities in a short- and long-term time horizon.

The guidebook starts by giving a general overview of what the meteorological conditions in urban areas can be, what the major air pollutants in the air are, the air quality standards by the European Union and World Health Organization (WHO) and how air pollution can impact the human health, ecosystems and biodiversity, climate change and cultural heritage. This general information provides the reader with the background information on the subject needed to better understand the case of Sofia. This sets up perfectly for the next section, which explains the monitoring of air pollution in Sofia.

An important part of the guidebook is the air quality management strategies and good practices, which outlines the best strategies and practices that can be seen around the globe. The guidebook finishes off with an overview of the specific interdependencies.

For more information on INNOAIR’s outputs, including the recent publication of the Multi-stakeholder dialogue on air pollution interdependencies, please check the project website


Best practice analysis on common global initiatives

The INNOAIR team has produced an innovative research paper and it is pleased to share it with the public. The Best practice analysis on common global initiatives is now published and can be downloaded here. The analysis evaluates on-demand transportation initiatives and “transport as a service” approach in Europe and on a global scale to provide project partners and the general public with guidance on lessons learned and help them avoid mistakes during the project implementation.

This document, prepared by the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB), contains a review of the trends in mobility solutions, related to the main innovation of INNOAIR, namely on-demand transport (with electric minibuses) combined with “mobility as a service” like technologies, low emission zones and congestion charging model. The analysis provides guidance for tested solutions, the challenges they address, main findings and results. That way interested parties could avoid past mistakes and use the information provided for further guidance and enhancement of the INNOAIR model.

The analysis starts by giving an overview of the general trends related to the main innovation of INNOAIR and continues by providing concrete examples of already established such innovations mainly in cities in Europe and around the world. The document ends by giving the main findings and lessons learned based on the already processed information in the previous sections.

INNOAIR project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative. This is the first Bulgarian project selected for funding by UIA.


Multi-stakeholder dialogue on air pollution interdependencies Workshop report

Air pollution in Sofia has long been a problem and despite recent positive developments, the city is still struggling to overcome this complex challenge. Air quality measures are interrelated and finding out how they affect each other will help optimize them faster.

In this regard, on November 12, 2020, the INNOAIR team launched its multi-stakeholder dialogue on air pollution interdependencies. Nearly 100 stakeholders from universities and research institutes, community organizations, city administration, NGOs, national agencies, businesses and investors, took part in an online dialogue event and engaged in a conversation about the future. Diverse perspectives were voiced pointing to various interdependencies: the more precise and timely feedback the city provides on the effect of its policies, the stronger the citizen commitment; the less measures for support of the energy poor, the more air pollution from old cars and household burning; the less air pollution, the bigger biodiversity; the newer the urban district, the more pollution from construction and underdeveloped infrastructure, to name a few.

You may find more information about the air pollution interdependencies in Sofia, as well as conclusions and recommendations, in the full report from the online dialogue HERE.


Developing ideas for stimuli for citizens to switch to sustainable transportation - Co-creation Workshop Report

The transition to the use of public and sustainable transport is a task that requires motivation not only from institutions, but also from citizens and the business sector. In this regard, Sofia Development Association, in partnership with Sofia Municipality, organized a co-creation design workshop in the framework of INNOAIR project, which was held online on February 23, 2021. More than 30 participants, among which young and active citizens, businesses and local institutions, took part in a lively discussion to identify incentives to stimulate citizens to give up everyday car use and switch to sustainable transport in the city.

The design workshop used a variety of tools and approaches to gather ideas. The meeting was held in the form of an open discussion on an online platform, combined with a real-time collaboration tool (an online whiteboard), where participants anonymously added their ideas. During the conversation, various proposals for incentives were discussed, ranging from the creation of an application that integrates all types of transport services in one access system, to the creation of an information campaign with general publicity, from parking discounts to integrated pricing policy with municipal cultural services. institutes. All discussed proposals for future incentives, a list of existing practices for promoting the use of public and sustainable transport in Sofia, as well as recommendations and conclusions from the discussion can be found HERE.




А guide providing ideas and suggestions for empowerment to local authorities, universities and businesses how to lead the way for a local community that cares. The examples are based on participatory research and co-design process in Sofia.










WHITE BOOK on the introduction and effective operation of low-emission zones for motor vehicles on the territory of the Sofia Municipality

This document is a detailed analysis of the reasons, technology and results of a simulation of pilot testing of the introduction of low emission zones in Sofia.











In the first edition of the INNOAIR project newsletter, you will find not only information about the key developments in mobility in recent months, but also:

- Results and analysis of a survey on citizens' attitudes towards the transition to active transport.
- Information on the introduction of low-emission zones in the capital.
- Opportunities for involvement in the creation of solutions for innovative urban mobility.

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The INNOAIR newsletter updates you on what has happened in the last three months in the field of clean air and sustainable mobility in Sofia: new mobile services, needs and initiatives of people and businesses, R&D, research on human behavior in transport, opportunities to participate in taking decisions.

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The INNOAIR newsletter shares with you how we contribute to smarter urban mobility and cleaner air in Sofia. We are happy to present the latest exciting solutions, initiatives and achievements in sustainable mobility in Sofia in the last three months. Stay informed!

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With the end of the year approaching, we are happy to inform you on some exciting events and publications that will help you enter 2022 full of inspiration. Not only have we achieved a range of interesting Sofia mobility and air quality developments, but we also started planning the 2022! We would love to hear from our community about your preferences for the second INNOAIR Hackathon so we can plan accordingly and would therefore appreciate your input in our 1-minute hackathon survey!

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We showcase the latest innovations and news impacting the future of mobility.
Solutions, initiatives, events and achievements that challenge the citizens of Sofia to move more actively and sustainably, thus helping for cleaner air in the capital!
Don't forget that INNOAIR rewards those who use active transport through the SofiaCoin app, available for Android and iOS - it's not too late to join!

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In this issue of the newsletter we bring to you interesting and innovative for Sofia urban mobility solutions. The introduction of the first in Bulgaria low emission zone is round the corner, as is the innovative service on-demand public transport in three Sofia neighbourhoods, while a live map allows you to see all electric public transport and shared mobility vehicles.

Have a look at the solutions for cleaner air that students developed and implemented in the city. Get to know some of the international INNOAIR partners. Learn more about these and other initiatives and events that help our capital city to breath more easy!

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This issue brings to you the latest INNOAIR project developments: we welcomed to Sofia the new electric minibuses, the BUSINN mobile app is ready and soon will be available for download on your phone, the student competitions resulted in the installation of the first cameras to count bicycles in the city and the design brand of the new transport on-demand service.









INNOAIR entered its most exciting phase of rolling out its innovation pilots. Although learning is the primary goal of piloting, the careful design and stakeholder engagement turn them more into high-stakes dress rehearsals. It is not surprising that INNOAIR attracted a lot of international attention by PoliticoEuropean Week of Regions and CitiesEUI Applicant seminar and more.

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Sofia is a finalists for the European Urban Mobility Awards and INNOAIR is instrumental for that achievement! According to the European Commission, Sofia was selected "for its new transportation service that better combines citizens' mobility demands and reduced environmental impact. Services include electric buses, an on-demand mobile application, green corridors and new more affordable tariffs. In addition to providing cleaner and more accessible transport, the Bulgarian capital is working within the framework of the INNOAIR project, which seeks to reduce air pollution through traffic calming measures as part of the European Union’s Urban Innovative Actions.” We invite you to read and learn more in this newsletter.

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Final newsletter of the INNOAIR project

The INNOAIR project comes to an end this June after 36 months. Read our final newsletter and learn about our results. We are also happy to bring you insights from our final conference where we were joined by over 100 stakeholders, and the INNOAIR transfer seminars. We thank you for following our progress and we hope that the INNOAIR results will continue to be a valuable contribution to your professional work and active citizenship!

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The INNOAIR leaflet offers a snapshot of the project activities, target groups and the consortium partners:



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