SOFIA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION was founded as non-profit organization with the decision 348
of the Sofia Municipal Council to work for the sustainable development of the capital.


Sofia City Integration Agenda

Sofia Development Association publishes Sofia City Integration Agenda of third-country nationals. The document was made with a wide civilian participation, involving more than 120 experts, third-country nationals, representatives of local governments, state institutions, media, schools, universities.

Sofia City Integration Agenda outlines the three most likely scenarios for the presence and participation of third-country nationals in the life of Sofia in the next 3 to 5 years: the labor market, education and training, safety and security, integration and the attitude of the local community. It also proposes specific measures and activities for the relevant public institutions and civil society stakeholders responsible for the integration of third-country nationals and migrants.

The Sofia City Integration Agenda can be found at The document was developed under INTEGRA project, led by Sofia Development Association and co-funded by the European Union's Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

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