Since the beginning of this year, SDA and the Applied Research and Communications Fund are implementing the project RRI Leaders - Leveraging Leadership for Responsible Research and Innovation in Territories. Funded by Horizon 2020, the 3-year project aims to develop a strategy and action plan for integrating the principles of responsible research and innovation (RRI) in the development and management of the innovation ecosystem in the participating territories (Sofia, Talville (Switzerland), Sabadell (Spain), Western Macedonia in Greece).

The policies on which Sofia Municipality is focusing in RRI Leaders include support for innovations, digital transition and new skills, youth employment and entrepreneurship, sustainable urban development. The studies carried out so far in the project – in-depth interviews with experts, one focus group, a participatory workshop, have identified various issues related to the above policies, which can be improved through increased public engagement, more effective cooperation between the municipal authorities, academia, the private and the non-governmental sector, better use of the results of research and science in setting long-term priorities for sustainable urban development, etc. On July 15, SDA and the ARC Fund organized a workshop with representatives of the research and innovation ecosystem, businesses, the municipal administration and NGOs. Working in groups, the participants proposed strategic and practical measures to be included in relevant future strategic and policy documents in the policy areas referred to above. These proposals will become an integral part of the transformative outlook for the development of the city, which will be developed by the end of the project.

More information about the results of the research and upcoming activities can be found on the project website,, on the website of SDA and the ARC Fund.