SOFIA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION was founded as non-profit organization with the decision 348
of the Sofia Municipal Council to work for the sustainable development of the capital.


After 2 years of hard and fruitful work, the Sofia Development Association (SDA) team presented remarkable results during the final conference of the IN-EDU project, which took place in Perugia on June 22.

The aim of the IN-EDU project is to contribute to increasing media literacy and critical thinking among students, teachers and parents. The project contributes to the development of skills such as recognizing fake news, counteracting hate speech, controlling information chaos, protecting personal data and more.

Sofia Development Association fulfilled these goals through numerous activities. In February 2020, SDA, in partnership with DZZD Obuchenie, organized a training by experts for almost 40 teachers from over 15 schools on the topic of media literacy, and provided resources and ideas on how to teach more interactively and effectively. The training proved to be very beneficial given the recent immersion in an entirely online environment.

Between May and July of the same year, SDA conducted an online information campaign titled "How to raise happy digital children?" - a provocative but thought-provoking campaign involving over 50,000 people and challenging a large number of parents to help their children develop the necessary digital skills to cope with today's digital world.

In early February 2021, SDA together with DZZD Training within IN-EDU project, organized a student hackathon for media and information literacy, which involved almost 100 students - all of them received support from experienced mentors and participated with enthusiasm in the competition. Their efforts were rewarded - 6 teams received funding for their campaigns, and later the best of the best received additional awards.

Some of these teams also took part in the international student camp, which took place in May and brought together 60 participants from the 5 partner countries. In the matter of 2 days, all students had the opportunity to work on a real social cause, set by representatives of the business or NGO sector. Their campaigns are already beneficial to the activities of the organizations.

The implementation of the project objectives guarantees its effect even after its completion. Inspiring and meaningful, the events are a prerequisite for long-term positive changes – Internet users that are more informed and better oriented in the digital world.

The project INclusion Communities through Media Inclusion and Critical Thinking EDUcation (IN-EDU) is co-financed by the EU Erasmus + Programme.



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