Sofia Development Association is a member of the European network of living labs through SofiaLab since 2019 and it is pleased to exchange knowledge and share experience with nearly 150 other living laboratories around the world.

On February 2, 2021 the SDA team took part in a meeting within the Mobility working group, organized by ENoLL. During the discussion, various topics related to mobility services were discussed, such as the efficient collection and use of data, the analysis of incentives and barriers to behaviour change, as well as the sustainability and accessibility of the services.

Sofia Development Association shared its experience in the field of mobility by presenting the INNOAIR project and the upcoming activities of its implementation, focusing on the launching of “on-demand green public transport” for the first time in Europe. INNOAIR launches the eco transport not only as an innovative mobility service, but also as a solution for reducing the air-pollution, which will be combined with other measures such as congestion charge model, low emission zones and green corridors. Specific for the project is that it engages citizens by challenging them to find sustainable solutions through participation in hackathons, workshops and competitions, organized within the project.

The aim of the Mobility working group is to create a common reference system to map and characterize, compare and analyse mobility relevant labs in Europe allowing for a better understanding of the (social) impact of new mobility solutions relying on the scientific outcomes from different active Living Labs on mobility and to share experiences & lessons learnt in running a living lab on mobility (methodological & operational) as well as targeted knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

Learn more about the INNOAIR project HERE.

Learn more about the European Network of Living Labs HERE.

INNOAIR project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.