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Protecting Human and Labor Rights in COVID-19 Times

The 2nd Steering Committee meeting of the UnionMigrantNet and Cities Together for Integration project took place 20 May 2020. Project partners from municipalities, public authorities and trade unions from Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, and Slovenia convened online to share their experiences and critical information on the impacts of COVID-19 on labor markets, workers and citizens across Europe. As the project focus is on the integration of third-country nationals in the labor market, partners discussed the relief measures taken by member states and cities to aid companies and individuals. Special attention was placed on the need and the responsibilities of national and municipal authorities and employers to ensure that fundamental rights safeguards for refugees and migrants are in place when taking protective measures, including to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and addressing questions related to public order, public health, or national security challenges.

As the lockdown measures are gradually being lifted across Europe, the UMN partners look forward to the second half of the project year, ready to adjust the planned national and trans-border activities to the new realities. SDA and CITUB, the Bulgarian members of the UMN consortium are planning the organization of several workshops with employers and information campaigns on migrants integration to the labor market. More information and details will follow, so stay tuned and visit SDA’s website for updates and the project site,


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