SOFIA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION was founded as non-profit organization with the decision 348
of the Sofia Municipal Council to work for the sustainable development of the capital.

SofiaLab and SlavConf. continue working together – now online

Despite the unusual situation that the society is currently facing, SofiaLab and SlavConf. continue working diligently and as team as they have been doing until now.

SofiaLab is a cozy, yet dynamic space where anyone can develop or shake skills; a place to meet interesting people, seeking or giving creative solutions putting them into practice. By managing the laboratory, Sofia Development Association contributes to the improvement of digital and entrepreneurial skills of young people, as well as of all Sofia citizens who are not afraid of lifelong learning.

SlavConf. is a series of events and initiatives that bring together people with an interest in culture, the arts, business and architecture. At the beginning of 2019 Sofia Development Association (SofiaLab) and SlavConf. established their partnership in order to support each other while achieving their common goal - to create a society and a supportive environment for young and capable people seeking opportunities for exchange of experience, career and creative development.

So far the two organizations have led together over 15 events in SofiaLab, attended by more than 200 participants. The events are aimed at all representatives of the creative industry, as well as high and university students, postgraduate students, professors, organizations, managers from different sectors and representatives of the educational sector. Included as sub-themes are the links between the arts, culture, the humanities, architecture, business, innovation and technology. If you would like to get a clearer idea of the creative industry, you may have a look at the Toolkit (, representing the scope of activities in this field, developed by SlavConf.
The main directions of the meetings are "Career with Philology", various workshops and interactive meetings for content creation (Content Creators Meetups ( One of SlavConf's new initiatives is making podcasts with professionals from the creative industry, which you can listen to here. (

On March 27, the first online event, part of Content Creators Meetups with lecturer Dr. Desislava Boshnakova, was held. The topic of the meeting was "The content of the content" and aroused great interest among the participants. The next event of the series is going to be held on April 10th with lecturer Angel Iskrev. Follow our page ( in order to stay tuned for future activities!

Sofia Development Association and SlavConf. invite you to make the most of your free time by attending our future joint events!


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