SOFIA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION was founded as non-profit organization with the decision 348
of the Sofia Municipal Council to work for the sustainable development of the capital.

Sofia Development Association and its partnership with StartUpStage

Sofia Development Association works for stimulating the entrepreneurship in Sofia, and our partnership with StartUp Stage is one of the approaches to support the development of this field.

StartUp Stage is an online platform providing resources and mentoring to young startup startup companies developing innovative products and services. In addition, the organization holds events where entrepreneurs can present their business idea (Pitching Session). The events take place live, at SofiaLab, and online, allowing people from different cities to collaborate without requiring a travel resource.

The purpose of the presentations is to overcome the fear of public speaking; getting feedback from an audience that can help the entrepreneur ask questions critical to his business; contact with entrepreneurs, specialists and investors. Also, the ability to present your idea for a short period of time so that it is understood means that the entrepreneur has answered key questions such as - a consumer problem; proposed solution; product and plan for its development; business model; competition; competitive advantages, etc.

Sofia Development Association supports StartUp Stage's activities not only by providing the SofiaLab space for hosting the mentioned meetings, but also by sharing useful information regarding trainings, funding opportunities, ideas, contacts and any type of assistance for start-ups with the organizers and the participants in the events.

From December 2019 to present moment, during events organized in partnership with StartUp Stage over 15 ideas for startup companies have been presented to more than 200 people at SofiaLab. Sofia Development Association and StartUp Stage will continue their joint activities as well as the monthly meetings once the COVID-19 situation is overcomed.


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