Do you remember these floppy disks which were the main means of data transfer years ago? Well, if you have one of them, do not throw them away, because in Sweden they are already quite expensive. But there, they use them for badges. Only a few days ago, the “Digital Transition” partnership meeting of the European Agenda for Europe initiative, which was organized by the Municipality of Helsingborg, was completed. The previous such meeting took place in Sofia in June this year. Sofia together with Estonia and the Finnish city of Oulu are coordinators of the “Digital Transition” partnership.

Together with Veronika Manova (coordinator from Sofia), we participated in the discussions focusing on e-government; New skills and learning of the future; Database standardization and compatibility; Urban planning; Health and social care of the future; New business models accelerating urban growth; 5G and other key enabling technologies. The main objective is to propose specific initiatives to the European Commission for the next programming period in the field of education, legislation and European programs to facilitate the digital transition in Europe.

Our Partnership is in the process of drafting an Action Plan, which is due to be ready by the end of this year. After that, a discussion and deliberation process begins. Our ambition is to be able to test some pilot ideas in the second half of next year. The team of Sofia Development Association administers the participation of Sofia in this initiative and works on the topic of new skills and the training of the future.

Digital technologies and services are evolving so fast that one of the great challenges is the continuous increase in digital skills, especially for the people above middle age. When we received the antique diskettes, already offered for badges, we remembered that it was not long before they were widely used in Bulgaria and that some of our institutions still provide information on such devices. Well, there is a lot of work ahead and we are open to everyone with ideas and ready to partner.