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IN-EDU student camp – Conceptualize, Engage and Act for Social/Civic Cause!

Do you want to work on a social cause and upgrade your knowledge of media and information literacy? Are you interested in topics such as “Greenwashing”, “Media literacy and the new way of journalism to fight against fake news”, “Equality” and “Animal rights”? Do you want to find solutions to real cases of international companies and organizations working in these fields?

The IN-EDU project gives the participants, who took part in the IN-EDU civic hackathons on media and information literacy, conducted in Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia, the opportunity to do all that by joining the student camp in an international team with peers from the 4 European countries. You will get acquainted with foreign cultures, work together on tasks and last but not least - have fun! Additionally, you will have the chance to meet Public Policy and Government Affairs at Google Italia - Diego Ciulli, as well as to get knowledge and practical tools, which will help you produce your own ‘viral video’.

The camp will take place online on 14th and 15th of May and will give you an overview and answers to questions such as “What are the consequences of green-washing and how to make sure if a company is truly environmentally friendly?”, “What is the new way of journalism to fight against fake news?”, “How to protect the rights of animals with the aim of encouraging the development of compassion, solidarity and active participation in society?” and “How to fight digital addiction and the “fear of missing out”?”

In addition to the experience of working in a real environment and the certificate for working on a social cause, the IN-EDU team has prepared for you prizes and surprises! Participate to find out what are they. 

*Please, bear in mind that the number of participants is limited. No more than 10 participants per country could take part.*

You may find the IN-EDU student camp programme at

The student camp is organized in the framework of Media Inclusion and Critical Thinking EDUcation (IN-EDU) project, co-financed by the EU Erasmus + Programme.


After the official opening of the Hackathon and the special welcome by the well-known in Hollywood Bulgarian actor Dimitar Marinov, the students immersed themselves in the topic of media literacy and its importance. They spent the next 4 days in meetings with inspiring mentors and hard work. On the finals, all 14 teams presented innovative solutions to the problems of fake news, online communication, hate speech, critical thinking and information chaos.

Nearly 100 students from all over Bulgaria, full of enthusiasm to gain new knowledge and to win, took part in the competition. Not only did they want to create meaningful campaigns with interesting and creative content, but they also showed that they had the skills to do so. 14 diverse and meaningful projects were presented attractively and convincingly to a competent jury. The teams have developed digital, meaningful and colorful distribution materials, strategies for engaging target groups and most importantly great ideas.

For the members of the jury it was much more difficult to decide which the best projects are than to train the participants how to develop them. However, they performed both tasks. Nadia Obretenova from the Bulgarian National Television, Yavor Gochev from the Rinker Center for entrepreneurship and training, Natanail Stefanov from SofiaTech, Ana Aleksieva from Fine Acts, Georgi Apostolov from the National Center for Safe Internet, Denitsa Lozanova from the Sofia Development Association and Ivaylo Ivanov from DZZD Obuchenie were the experts in the field, which had to make the hard decision.

Meet the winning teams:

First prize for the MEDIAcated team from PMG "Prof. Emanuil Ivanov", Kyustendil - BGN 3,500.

• Second prize for the team "Our Voice" from 30 High School "Bratya Miladinovi", Sofia - BGN 3,000.

2 third prizes of BGN 2,250:

Team "NPMG" from NPMG "Acad. L. Chakalov", Sofia

• EG Power team from EG "Acad. L. Stoyanov", Blagoevgrad

2 fifth prizes of BGN 750:

Team "Ladies' Gambit" from 119. Sofia University "Acad. Mihail Arnaudov ”, Sofia

• Team "KUISBI" from Sofia University "Lyuben Karavelov", Plovdiv

The hearts of the audience were won by the team "Messengers" from the National School of Finance and Economics, Sofia. They are the favorite of over 1,200 voters and due to this reason won a prize of BGN 1,500.

Although the Media and Information Literacy Hackathon is over, we have yet to reap the benefits. The won funds will be used by the teams to carry out their campaigns in the period February 5, 2021 - May 5, 2021, and then the best realized campaign will win BGN 3,500! Good luck to all!

Follow the facebook pages SofiaLab и IN-EDU project to learn more about the development of the campaigns.

The hackathon is organized by Sofia Development Association and DZZD Obuchenie in the framework of INclusion Communities through Media Inclusion and Critical Thinking EDUcation (IN-EDU) project, co-financed by the EU Erasmus + Programme.





What other advantages will bring you the participation in the Bulgarian Hackathon for Media literacy?

In addition to the opportunity for your team to win a prize fund of 9,000 euros, to implement a campaign and to help more people become information and media literate, each of you will receive another opportunity that is not to be missed. By participating in the Hackathon, you will become part of a mentoring program with well-known experts on the subject. And what is more important and useful than acquiring new knowledge and skills?

The hackathon will be officially opened on January 28, 2021, by the famous in Hollywood Bulgarian actor – Dimiter Marinov. He is going to share his opinion on the importance of media literacy nowadays. The next days we continue with mentorship program with experts on the topic.

Ana Aleksieva from Fine Acts is going to give you advice on how to create truly creative campaign and what resources to use. Nadya Obretenova – a journalist from the Bulgarian National Television is about to inform you how to detect and fight fake news and propaganda. Yavor Gochev from Rinker center for entrepreneurship and training is going to help you develop pitching skills, which you may use not only for the hackathon, but later on in your daily life. Georgi Apostolov, a specialist from SafeNet is going to present you the dangers in the network and how to overcome them. Last, but not least – you are going to learn how to make technologies work for you while supporting a social cause by Natanail Stefanov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Sofia Tech Park.

The big final is coming. After 4 days of training, on the last day of the hackathon (February 2, 2021) the 14 teams, consisting of 94 participants from 7 towns in Bulgaria are going to present their projects to the jury and compete for the awards.

In order for the evaluation of the projects to be most accurate, they are going to be evaluated by a jury consisting of the trainers from the mentorship program.

The full program of the hackathon you may find HERE.

We wish you luck!

The hackathon is organized by Sofia Development Association and DZZD Obuchenie.


"How to raise happy digital children?" – SDA’s online campaign on media literacy

Parents face a number of challenges as they raise and educate their children. In recent years, they have to prepare them for the difficulties that lie ahead not only in the real but also in the virtual world. Presence in it is an integral part of the daily lives of youths and elders and knowledge of media and information literacy is vital for civic and political participation. Today's world requires certain digital skills, and if parents do not take part in their development, they risk being cut off from both modernity and their children.

To stimulate the development of media literacy skills, Sofia Development Association is conducting an online campaign under IN-EDU project. It consists of various message cards provoking parents to learn about different aspects of this competence, as well as to make sure that their children are aware of the dangers of the Internet. The messages cover topics such as confidentiality, misinformation, fake news, environmental pollution from internet clouds, cyberbullying and others.

You can view the cards on the online profiles of SDA and IN-EDU project.

The campaign is conducted in the framework of INclusion Communities through Media Inclusion and Critical Thinking EDUcation (IN-EDU) project, co-financed by the EU Erasmus + Programme.

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