SOFIA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION was founded as non-profit organization with the decision 348
of the Sofia Municipal Council to work for the sustainable development of the capital.



The guests of Webit2017 will face the microphone and the Sofia School Media (SSM) camera. The 134th High School Initiative is expanding and, together with a team of NPMG (National High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics), supported by Sofia Municipality (Sofia Development Association), will make news feeds from Webit2017. Expect each day (April 25-26) 4 issues in English and one summary in Bulgarian at:

The initiative started with Mr. Ivaylo Ivanov, a teacher at 134th High School, and the school principal, Mrs. Vesela Paldamova. The idea was to make a platform for school media, which students from NPMG developed. In this platform, each school will be able to publish news on school life in an interesting and attractive way. Sofia Municipality (SDA) was committed to supporting and developing the initiative because it develops the media and communication skills of students. We thank Plamen Rousev and Aniela Rouseva for their support of Sofia School Media, to be promoted at Webit2017.


On 22 April, the traditional information technology contest “Big to Me” took place at 134th High School “Dimcho Debelyanov”, where children of 5th, 6th and 7th grade from different schools in Sofia, together with an older relative or friend, worked on a specific task.

The competition has been held every year since 2010, with the support of Sofia Municipality, Sofia Development Association. The idea of the competition is for children to learn to work in a team on a joint project, to bring together students with their parents and relatives, the organizers explained.

Each year the tasks have a different theme. This year it was “Green Sofia”.

For a consecutive year, our partnership with “Big to Me” produces results: incredible ideas for posters promoting the upcoming release of shared bicycles in Sofia - “Around Sofia on a Bike”, rich presentations with little-known information about “Sofia Parks and the Birds in Them”.

The 5th grade students had to make a logo for a “green” event, the 6th grade students - to collect information online and make a poster, and the 7th grade students - to make presentations about the nature parks and the birds that inhabit them.

Thirty-five teams participated this year in the contest; most participants were in the 5th grade - 25 teams. For the first time since the beginning of the competition, more fathers had participated than mothers. There were 15 dads. For the first year, there was an old participant in the competition - a 73-year-old grandfather.

Detailed information about the award-winning teams and their projects can be found at



The Mobile Application Project “Your Sofia”, which last year won the big prize of the first 24-hour Sofia Municipality Innovation Hackathon, already has a developed prototype. It will be presented in Sofia at the largest digital economy forum in Europe - Webit Festival /25-26 April/.

The team that created the mobile application is comprised of Bulgarian young people who live in different places around the world and in Bulgaria. Their idea is for the mobile application to take every guest of Sofia to as many sights as possible, to give information about different tourist sites and how to reach them. In addition, addresses and telephones of embassies, hospitals, stations, restaurants, hotels, prices, etc. are included. In short, everything a native of Sofia can provide as information in order to be useful to his friend from abroad when he/she wants to see the Bulgarian capital.

“The implementation of the idea for the application was realized with the active assistance of Sofia Development Association, Municipal Enterprise "Tourism", SK “Public Transport” and a lot of enthusiasm”, Ilian Dimitrov and Elitza Stefanova, winning team members said yesterday.

“Our capital is superb, so long that someone shows you around and guides you through - where, what, when and how you can see and experience", added Elitza, who otherwise lives in London.


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Last year, we organized the first 24-hour municipal hackathon. The competent jury awarded the first prize to the ELMO team, provided by Mtel through the Innovation Fund. The ELMO Team presented the “Your Sofia” project - a multilingual application for smartphones, with everyone being able to search and find information, to create their own routes according to the place where they want to go, their interests and opportunities.

After 10 months and the support of Sofia Development Association, the Centre for Urban Mobility, Municipal Enterprise “Tourist Service”, etc., the “Your Sofia” project has already been implemented and will be presented at Webit 2017.

ELMO team: Vladislav Donchev, Boryana Nenova, Ilian Dimitrov, Elitza Stefanova, Kristina Ivanova, Anna Dimitrova, New Bulgarian University

The application is coming out soon!


Architectural Hackathon: ELEVATED HABITAT V1.0

Elevated Habitat V1.0
Architectural Hackathon
26.04.2017, Sofia Tech Park


Elevated Habitat V1.0 Hackathon will take place during Webit 2017 and is part of the initiatives celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Bulgaria’s membership in the European Union, organized by the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria and Sofia Municipality.

The task for the participants is to develop innovative solutions for the roof space of a public building in Sofia - The Municipal Cultural Institute Sredets House of Culture.

Within its investment program under the "Regions in Growth" 2014 - 2020 Operational Programme, Sofia Municipality plans to carry out reconstruction and modernization of the Municipal Cultural Institute, transforming it into the Center for Contemporary Performing Arts and Education, in relation to which the architectural design of the site will be updated. The ideas and innovative solutions created during Elevated Habitat V1.0, have the opportunity to be included in the revised investment project.

The main challenge in the architectural hakathon Elevated Habitat V1.0 is to create a concept for the roof space of MCI HC "Sredets". Innovative, smart and forward-looking ideas are welcome to transform the roof into an attractive place in this zone of the city.

Sofia Municipality aims to transform the building into a stage, which will meet some of the needs of independent companies and artists, it will meet the latest standards in the presentation of performing arts work and at the same time will maintain and improve its educational functions.

The Centre for Contemporary Performing Arts and Education will support independent artists in the preparation and presentation of innovative artistic projects and practices, it will encourage and support young and debuting artists in the realization of their first projects, it will work towards raising the popularity and visibility of the contemporary performing arts in Sofia and towards the development of contemporary performing arts audiences by conducting educational programmes in arts for amateurs and professionals. It is essential that the participants’ concepts emphasize the link between the building and “Zaimov’’ park which will be reconstructed in the coming years.

The theme of the event is announced in advance, allowing participants to prepare their ideas. The hakathon participants will have the architectural project of the building in dwg format, which will be available after registration. They will have one day to finalize their concepts and to present them to the jury.

The aim of the hackton is to use shaping algorithmic methods of shaping. Previous experience with this type of software is an advantage.


Elevated Habitat v1.0 / 09:00 - 17:00
Entry presentations / 17:30 - 19:00
Announcing the Winner / 19:00 - 19:30

The participants in the hackathon will be provided with food, drinks and high-speed Internet connection.

The requirements for participation in the hackathon are:

1) innovative ideas; 2) personal laptop; and 3) preregistration

Following the preregistration process, the paricipant will receive additional information and access pass to enter Sofia Tech Park.

The work of the participants will be supported by a mentors team, provided by DESIGNMORPHINE.



For a third consecutive year, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, Sofia Development Association, Sofia Municipality and Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” will cooperate in the organization of the programme for postgraduate studies “Cultural Management Academy”. The programme offers opportunities for people working in the field of culture to raise their competences, to learn from leading Bulgarian and foreign specialists, to create new professional contacts and to become part of the growing professional network of the Academy, which includes cultural managers, representatives of foreign cultural institutes, municipal and national institutions, non-governmental organizations, etc.

This year the Academy grew with branches in Bucharest and Thessaloniki. In each of the three cities, a one-week course will be held with a group of up to 20 local participants.

Within the framework of the Academy, an international conference will be held in Sofia in September, which will be an occasion for the participants from the three cities to meet, exchange experience and discuss possible joint projects. Another result of the Academy will be a publication with articles and academic texts on cultural management and cultural policies. As part of the Academy, Goethe-Institut offers initial funding for joint projects among the programme participants in Sofia, Bucharest and Thessaloniki.

Deadline for application: 8 May 2017

Requirements to the participants: professional experience, completed higher education (min. bachelor's degree), fluency in English, motivation

Documents: motivation letter and CV

Send to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can see the full call here:

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